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A principal company in the field of logistics supplies Services, since 2009 operates in all over Afghanistan As Prime/main and sub-contractor, Our logistic services include:

1. IT equipment and Peripherals.
2. ICT Communication Equipment with Sim Card Such as Thruway.
3. Iridium and RB Gun etc.
4. PABX System.
5. Networking Equipment.
6. Web Sat Server.
7. HF Radios Such as Condon, Motorola and Kenwood.
8. Medical and Relief Supplies Includes Medicines, Blankets and Hygiene.
9. Kits food products etc.
10.Emergency meal ration packs specially design for armed force and UN staff.
11.Airport handling equipment.
12.Earthquake equipment.
13.Refrigerator, air-condition and heating equipment.
14.Safety equipment.
15.Firefighting equipment.
16.Office drafting equipment.
17.Household and commercial furnishing and ADD pliancy.
18.Portable accommodation such as prefab houses both skid mounted and truck mounted.
19.Office furniture and household.
20.All the complete system for satellite fixing, all kind of cables for TV, Satellites and etc.
21.Electrical supplies such as sub-stations, cables, lighting, trucking and etc.
22.Automobiles and spare parts.
23.Armored vehicles and canine vests.
24.Heavy machinery supplies.
25.Mobile laboratory.
26.FG Wilson generators and storage tanks.
27.Sanitary and hardware items.
28.4×4 workshops in Kabul with wheel aligner, brake late, oil and grease pump etc.
29.Mobile toilet.
30.Printing press.
32.Office equipment.
33.Military equipment.
34.Sport equipment.
35.Afghanistan crafts